Presents a fast-paced account of Jesus' actions and miracles, emphasizing His role as the suffering servant.
Chapter 1
King James Version words: 930 letters: 4027
Geneva words: 950 letters: 4102
kjv: jesus, john, galilee, god, one, wilderness, straightway, spirit, immediately
Chapter 2
King James Version words: 724 letters: 2987
Geneva words: 726 letters: 3079
kjv: man, sick, jesus, disciples, fast, new, palsy, sabbath, days
Chapter 3
King James Version words: 663 letters: 2915
Geneva words: 669 letters: 2991
kjv: man, multitude, house, mother, hand, stand, forth, brethren, might
Chapter 4
King James Version words: 923 letters: 3769
Geneva words: 923 letters: 3875
kjv: hear, word, sown, sea, ground, earth, immediately, fruit, side
Chapter 5
King James Version words: 952 letters: 3982
Geneva words: 968 letters: 4117
kjv: jesus, man, damsel, swine, sea, great, country, ship, tombs
Chapter 6
King James Version words: 1323 letters: 5537
Geneva words: 1315 letters: 5560
kjv: many, two, herod, john, heard, eat, disciples, place, king
Chapter 7
King James Version words: 806 letters: 3501
Geneva words: 806 letters: 3598
kjv: man, things, eat, tradition, father, mother, defile, daughter, pharisees
Chapter 8
King James Version words: 842 letters: 3500
Geneva words: 855 letters: 3658
kjv: disciples, man, took, seven, men, bread, many, whosoever, days
Chapter 9
King James Version words: 1164 letters: 4844
Geneva words: 1175 letters: 4949
kjv: one, jesus, man, fire, cast, elias, son, saw, asked
Chapter 10
King James Version words: 1219 letters: 5112
Geneva words: 1213 letters: 5126
kjv: jesus, god, man, put, away, one, answered, disciples, children
Chapter 11
King James Version words: 778 letters: 3282
Geneva words: 793 letters: 3397
kjv: jesus, things, temple, jerusalem, way, colt, man, forgive, heaven
Chapter 12
King James Version words: 1058 letters: 4510
Geneva words: 1066 letters: 4563
kjv: god, cast, lord, sent, jesus, love, vineyard, husbandmen, wife
Chapter 13
King James Version words: 828 letters: 3481
Geneva words: 822 letters: 3574
kjv: take, man, things, days, heaven, see, heed, neither, son
Chapter 14
King James Version words: 1595 letters: 6568
Geneva words: 1603 letters: 6762
kjv: jesus, one, man, peter, high, priest, take, witness, passover
Chapter 15
King James Version words: 913 letters: 4009
Geneva words: 929 letters: 4112
kjv: pilate, jesus, king, chief, priests, jews, one, cried, gave
Chapter 16
King James Version words: 449 letters: 1930
Geneva words: 457 letters: 1998
kjv: sepulchre, mary, first, risen, appeared, believed, magdalene, early, day