What is Gematria?
It is a system where letters of the alphabet are assigned numerical values. It is often used to find hidden meanings or connections between words and phrases by comparing their numerical value. For example, if two words add up to the same number, some people believe they are related or have a deeper significance. This practice is not just about numbers; it is seen as a way to explore deeper spiritual or mystical insights hidden in texts. Gematria is more about seeking underlying messages or truths than about straightforward math.


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How Gematria Is Used

Finding Hidden Messages

Some religious texts have secret messages or lessons. Gematria helps them dig deeper into these texts to find those hidden meanings.

Make Predictions

Some use gematria to try to predict future events based on the numerical values of words or phrases in sacred texts.

Understanding Ancient Texts

It helps people think more deeply about old writings, finding meanings that are not obvious at first.

Connecting Different Ideas

By finding words with the same numerical value, people believe they can find deeper connections between different ideas or teachings in religious texts.

Personal Insight

Individuals might use gematria to find personal guidance or insights into their lives by looking at the numerical values of their names or important dates.

It's a way of looking for more than what's on the surface of writings, especially for those who believe every letter and word holds a deeper significance.

How is Gematria different from Numerology?

Gematria and numerology both involve the study of numbers and their significance, but they have different focuses and origins.


Roots in Jewish Tradition

Gematria is primarily found in Jewish mysticism, especially in the study of the Torah and other sacred Hebrew texts.


It specifically involves assigning numerical values to letters in the Hebrew alphabet and interpreting words and phrases based on the sum of these values. The purpose is to uncover hidden meanings, connections, or insights within the sacred texts.

Religious Context

Its use is mostly within a religious or spiritual context, aiming to deepen the understanding of divine messages.


Broad Cultural Presence

Numerology is a more universal practice found in many cultures and traditions around the world.

Life and the Universe

It focuses on the belief that numbers have a mystical significance that influences all aspects of life and the universe. Numerology often involves analyzing dates, names, and events to predict one's destiny, personality traits, and life paths.

Personal and Predictive

While it can have spiritual or mystical elements, numerology is often used for personal insight, guidance, and prediction, not necessarily tied to any specific religious texts.