Describes a time when Israel was ruled by judges and the cycle of turning away from God, facing trouble, and then returning to Him.
Chapter 1
King James Version words: 962 letters: 4281
Geneva words: 931 letters: 4302
kjv: inhabitants, canaanites, judah, city, drive, children, dwelt, land, name
Chapter 2
King James Version words: 692 letters: 2980
Geneva words: 655 letters: 2900
kjv: lord, israel, fathers, joshua, gods, people, land, delivered, hand
Chapter 3
King James Version words: 842 letters: 3642
Geneva words: 833 letters: 3650
kjv: israel, lord, children, hand, king, moab, ehud, eglon, took
Chapter 4
King James Version words: 761 letters: 3166
Geneva words: 750 letters: 3168
kjv: sisera, barak, children, lord, israel, hand, chariots, go, tent
Chapter 5
King James Version words: 755 letters: 3328
Geneva words: 745 letters: 3321
kjv: lord, israel, people, deborah, even, awake, fought, sisera, barak
Chapter 6
King James Version words: 1295 letters: 5237
Geneva words: 1258 letters: 5179
kjv: lord, israel, gideon, midianites, god, hand, altar, children, angel
Chapter 7
King James Version words: 952 letters: 4057
Geneva words: 922 letters: 3990
kjv: gideon, host, people, lord, go, hand, every, men, midianites
Chapter 8
King James Version words: 987 letters: 4185
Geneva words: 958 letters: 4118
kjv: men, gideon, zebah, zalmunna, succoth, son, midian, israel, give
Chapter 9
King James Version words: 1667 letters: 7005
Geneva words: 1617 letters: 6911
kjv: abimelech, shechem, men, people, house, city, son, jerubbaal, god
Chapter 10
King James Version words: 473 letters: 2078
Geneva words: 463 letters: 2088
kjv: israel, children, gods, lord, ammon, gilead, served, deliver, years
Chapter 11
King James Version words: 1235 letters: 5271
Geneva words: 1171 letters: 5083
kjv: jephthah, israel, children, ammon, lord, land, gilead, king, sent
Chapter 12
King James Version words: 399 letters: 1792
Geneva words: 381 letters: 1756
kjv: judged, israel, ephraim, jephthah, men, gilead, ephraimites, years, died
Chapter 13
King James Version words: 765 letters: 3012
Geneva words: 741 letters: 3057
kjv: lord, manoah, angel, god, wife, woman, man, drink, name
Chapter 14
King James Version words: 706 letters: 2821
Geneva words: 683 letters: 2812
kjv: father, riddle, mother, samson, thirty, timnath, woman, philistines, wife
Chapter 15
King James Version words: 648 letters: 2654
Geneva words: 623 letters: 2621
kjv: samson, philistines, hand, men, wife, go, father, fire, burnt
Chapter 16
King James Version words: 1110 letters: 4541
Geneva words: 1082 letters: 4591
kjv: samson, philistines, lords, god, house, delilah, strength, may, bound
Chapter 17
King James Version words: 385 letters: 1546
Geneva words: 384 letters: 1566
kjv: micah, man, mother, silver, levite, shekels, image, house, priest
Chapter 18
King James Version words: 1035 letters: 4225
Geneva words: 1010 letters: 4332
kjv: house, dan, men, micah, priest, image, land, go, children
Chapter 19
King James Version words: 1102 letters: 4443
Geneva words: 1051 letters: 4332
kjv: man, house, father, day, concubine, rose, behold, took, damsels
Chapter 20
King James Version words: 1455 letters: 6289
Geneva words: 1438 letters: 6283
kjv: israel, men, children, benjamin, gibeah, thousand, lord, battle, people
Chapter 21
King James Version words: 740 letters: 3164
Geneva words: 723 letters: 3120
kjv: israel, benjamin, children, lord, man, wives, every, jabeshgilead, give