Explains Jesus' superiority and encourages believers to persevere in faith amid persecution.
Chapter 1
King James Version words: 338 letters: 1405
Geneva words: 336 letters: 1439
kjv: angels, god, son, time, things, made, right, hand, art
Chapter 2
King James Version words: 472 letters: 2008
Geneva words: 475 letters: 2111
kjv: things, put, angels, death, god, subjection, man, glory, brethren
Chapter 3
King James Version words: 362 letters: 1545
Geneva words: 370 letters: 1634
kjv: house, moses, day, wherefore, christ, faithful, enter, holy, brethren
Chapter 4
King James Version words: 404 letters: 1661
Geneva words: 417 letters: 1750
kjv: rest, day, enter, god, preached, works, lest, word, certain
Chapter 5
King James Version words: 321 letters: 1323
Geneva words: 337 letters: 1417
kjv: priest, god, high, things, strong, every, men, offer, sins
Chapter 6
King James Version words: 425 letters: 1889
Geneva words: 437 letters: 1970
kjv: god, made, end, things, hope, promise, doctrine, laying, repentance
Chapter 7
King James Version words: 607 letters: 2752
Geneva words: 638 letters: 2916
kjv: priest, made, law, melchisedec, abraham, priesthood, tithes, king, high
Chapter 8
King James Version words: 387 letters: 1621
Geneva words: 389 letters: 1669
kjv: covenant, lord, man, make, things, priest, every, offer, according
Chapter 9
King James Version words: 678 letters: 3109
Geneva words: 690 letters: 3225
kjv: blood, first, tabernacle, testament, things, god, made, offered, holy
Chapter 10
King James Version words: 784 letters: 3485
Geneva words: 799 letters: 3601
kjv: sins, offering, god, sacrifices, offered, away, sacrifice, sin, one
Chapter 11
King James Version words: 922 letters: 4185
Geneva words: 948 letters: 4293
kjv: faith, god, things, received, seen, obtained, made, dead, called
Chapter 12
King James Version words: 696 letters: 3111
Geneva words: 718 letters: 3260
kjv: god, lest, things, wherefore, set, yet, son, chastening, lord
Chapter 13
King James Version words: 501 letters: 2217
Geneva words: 524 letters: 2375
kjv: god, jesus, good, may, rule, ever, blood, remember, suffer