Describes the return of the Jews from Babylonian exile and the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem.
Chapter 1
King James Version words: 371 letters: 1612
Geneva words: 367 letters: 1609
kjv: jerusalem, lord, god, house, cyrus, king, silver, gold, persia
Chapter 2
King James Version words: 998 letters: 4856
Geneva words: 1013 letters: 4820
kjv: children, hundred, two, thousand, three, twenty, six, seven, fifty
Chapter 3
King James Version words: 547 letters: 2400
Geneva words: 542 letters: 2418
kjv: lord, people, burnt, house, sons, brethren, offerings, set, levites
Chapter 4
King James Version words: 769 letters: 3386
Geneva words: 730 letters: 3340
kjv: king, city, rest, kings, jerusalem, god, persia, artaxerxes, letter
Chapter 5
King James Version words: 583 letters: 2497
Geneva words: 578 letters: 2506
kjv: god, house, king, jerusalem, build, babylon, thus, builded, cyrus
Chapter 6
King James Version words: 778 letters: 3406
Geneva words: 772 letters: 3367
kjv: god, house, king, made, israel, jerusalem, darius, decree, according
Chapter 7
King James Version words: 863 letters: 3605
Geneva words: 846 letters: 3633
kjv: god, son, king, jerusalem, house, ezra, law, lord, israel
Chapter 8
King James Version words: 990 letters: 4223
Geneva words: 990 letters: 4306
kjv: sons, son, males, god, hundred, gold, chief, house, hand
Chapter 9
King James Version words: 617 letters: 2650
Geneva words: 613 letters: 2673
kjv: god, people, give, lands, trespass, israel, abominations, daughters, sons
Chapter 10
King James Version words: 924 letters: 4313
Geneva words: 898 letters: 4257
kjv: sons, wives, god, strange, ezra, taken, israel, people, son