Stories of Daniel and his friends in exile and visions about future kingdoms and God's sovereignty.
Chapter 1
King James Version words: 589 letters: 2618
Geneva words: 579 letters: 2681
kjv: king, daniel, eunuchs, children, kings, meat, prince, gave, god
Chapter 2
King James Version words: 1500 letters: 6545
Geneva words: 1506 letters: 6732
kjv: king, daniel, iron, dream, interpretation, known, shew, answered, men
Chapter 3
King James Version words: 992 letters: 4584
Geneva words: 997 letters: 4739
kjv: king, nebuchadnezzar, shadrach, meshach, abednego, image, set, furnace, men
Chapter 4
King James Version words: 1290 letters: 5501
Geneva words: 1348 letters: 5973
kjv: heaven, kingdom, king, earth, men, nebuchadnezzar, dream, interpretation, beasts
Chapter 5
King James Version words: 995 letters: 4455
Geneva words: 988 letters: 4557
kjv: king, kingdom, interpretation, writing, daniel, belshazzar, father, brought, god
Chapter 6
King James Version words: 905 letters: 3983
Geneva words: 892 letters: 3977
kjv: king, daniel, god, den, lions, decree, kingdom, princes, darius
Chapter 7
King James Version words: 926 letters: 3910
Geneva words: 915 letters: 4027
kjv: kingdom, great, given, dominion, behold, four, beheld, beast, ten
Chapter 8
King James Version words: 852 letters: 3510
Geneva words: 826 letters: 3516
kjv: vision, ram, saw, two, great, horns, stand, ground, power
Chapter 9
King James Version words: 966 letters: 4280
Geneva words: 969 letters: 4419
kjv: lord, god, people, jerusalem, even, city, prayer, supplications, sinned
Chapter 10
King James Version words: 647 letters: 2657
Geneva words: 659 letters: 2731
kjv: words, vision, daniel, persia, days, man, face, voice, strength
Chapter 11
King James Version words: 1529 letters: 6550
Geneva words: 1498 letters: 6469
kjv: king, stand, many, south, even, great, north, return, land
Chapter 12
King James Version words: 411 letters: 1674
Geneva words: 407 letters: 1648
kjv: time, end, many, river, people, one, ever, daniel, days