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Once upon a time in the land of Edom, Obadiah, a prophet of God, spoke out against the people for their cruelty towards God's chosen ones, the Israelites. In the first part of his message, Obadiah described how the Lord would bring destruction upon the people of Edom. He spoke of an army coming from the south, which would conquer them and leave them in ruins. The prideful boasts of the Edomites would be turned against them as they realized their own wickedness.

But Obadiah's message was not just one of judgment. He also shared God's plan for restoration. The exiles from Judah would return and rebuild their city, Jerusalem. The people of Edom would be ashamed of their past actions and would join with the Israelites in worshiping the Lord. The mountain of the Lord's temple would once again be a place of pilgrimage for God's people.

As Obadiah continued his message, he spoke of the day when all nations would come to Jerusalem to seek the Lord's guidance. Even the distant lands of Teman and Bozrah would hear the news and rejoice. The Lord would deliver His people from their enemies and bring peace to the land.

In the final part of his message, Obadiah urged the people of Edom to remember the past and learn from it. They had once been a part of God's family, but they had turned away and brought destruction upon themselves. But now was the time for them to repent and turn back to God. He promised that those who did so would be welcomed with open arms and would share in the blessings of the Lord's people.

And so, Obadiah's message rang out across the land, a call to repentance and restoration. The people of Edom were challenged to remember their past and choose a new path forward. And God's promise of restoration and peace brought hope to all who heard it.

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