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Once upon a time in the land of Judah, there was a prophet named Haggai. The people had returned from exile in Babylon to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. But they became distracted by their own homes and farms, neglecting the Temple. God spoke to Haggai, urging him to encourage the people to prioritize the Temple's reconstruction.

Haggai obeyed and addressed the people, reminding them of their covenant with God and how He had blessed them in the past. He urged them to consider their actions and asked if it was right for them to live in luxurious houses while the Lord's house lay in ruins. The people felt guilty and repented, promising to work on the Temple.

God then promised to bless them as they worked on the Temple. Haggai received a vision of the future Temple, more glorious than before, bringing God great joy. The people continued their efforts, and the Temple was completed in just over two years.

As they worked, God's presence returned to Jerusalem, and the people experienced blessings beyond their expectations. They were able to produce abundant crops and enjoyed prosperity. Haggai reminded them that their obedience to God brought these blessings, and they should continue to prioritize their relationship with Him.

In another vision, Haggai received a message for the governor Zerubbabel and the high priest Joshua. God promised to make Zerubbabel like a signet ring on His hand, giving him authority and favor. He also promised that the cornerstone of the Temple would be magnificent and that the future temple would bring great glory to God.

The people continued to follow God's commands, and Haggai continued to encourage them. They built the altar and offered sacrifices, marking the completion of the Temple. The presence of God was among them, and they rejoiced in His blessings.

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