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Once upon a time in the early Christian community, Peter and John healed a man born lame at the beautiful Temple gate called Beautiful. The religious leaders were amazed and arrested them. But Peter boldly spoke about Jesus being the stone that people must build their lives on. Many Jews believed in Jesus as their Messiah after this miracle.

Peter and John were released, but they warned the new believers to obey God rather than human rules. They also shared how following Jesus meant suffering for His name's sake. Stephen, a deacon, preached about Jesus to the religious leaders, who became angry and stoned him to death. Saul, a Pharisee, approved of this act and hunted down Christians.

Barnabas took Saul and taught him about Jesus. They traveled together, sharing the Good News with many people. In Antioch, they met Paul and Silas, who also joined their missionary journey. The Holy Spirit came upon them, and they were filled with boldness to speak God's word.

Paul and Barnabas returned to Antioch, where they taught many more people about Jesus. But there was a disagreement between Paul and Barnabas about taking John Mark on their next missionary journey. They parted ways, but both continued spreading the Good News.

Paul went to Syria and Cyprus, where he encountered Elymas, a false prophet who tried to deceive him. But Paul used God's power to blind Elymas temporarily and shared the truth with the Roman proconsul Sergius Paulus. Many people believed in Jesus as a result.

Paul then traveled to Jerusalem, where he was arrested and taken before the religious leaders. He boldly spoke about Jesus, even when they threatened him. The Romans eventually took him away to Rome, where he continued sharing the Good News with many people.

In Rome, Paul met some Christian brothers and sisters who encouraged him. He also shared the Good News with the Roman emperor Nero, but it didn't change his mind. Instead, Nero blamed the Christians for a great fire in Rome and began persecuting them. But Paul remained strong in his faith and continued sharing the love of Jesus with those around him.

In another part of the world, Peter was also spreading the Good News. He went to Babylon, where he wrote a letter to encourage the believers there. He reminded them of their hope in Christ and urged them to live holy lives. Peter's words brought comfort and strength to these early Christians.

Back in Jerusalem, James, the brother of Jesus, was leading the Christian community. He was known for his wisdom and faithfulness. One day, he was executed by being thrown from the temple wall. The persecution against Christians continued, but their faith remained strong. They knew that they were not alone, as they had each other and the promise of eternal life in Jesus.

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