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3 John

Once upon a time in the ancient land of Asia Minor, there was a beloved disciple named John. He had written many letters to various churches, sharing God's love and wisdom. In this story, we follow John as he writes to his dear friend Gaius.

John begins by expressing his joy upon hearing that Gaius is living in obedience to the truth. He commends him for welcoming other believers into his home and providing for their needs. However, John also warns against false teachers who have entered the community, deceiving even some of the faithful.

In the second part of the letter, John introduces a man named Diotrephes. This man is causing division within the church by refusing to welcome other believers and even expelling those who do. Worse yet, he opposes John's authority as an apostle. John urges Gaius to confront Diotrephes and stand firm in the truth.

The story continues with John expressing his gratitude for Demetrius, a brother in Christ whom Gaius has helped. He speaks highly of Demetrius' love for the truth and his commitment to living a godly life. John also mentions another man named Alexander, who has left the community due to disagreements with the other believers.

In the final part of the letter, John offers some practical advice for Gaius and all those who read his words. He encourages them to love one another deeply, just as he loves them. He also reminds them that they have overcome the evil one by believing in Jesus' name. And with that, John concludes his letter, sending blessings and peace to all who follow the truth.

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