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2 John

Once upon a time in the ancient land of Asia Minor, there was a beloved disciple named John. He wrote letters to various churches, sharing his wisdom and love. In one letter, he addressed the elders of a particular church, reminding them of the truth they had received from the beginning. He urged them to continue walking in the truth and warned against deceivers who denied that Jesus Christ had come in the flesh.

John expressed his joy upon hearing that some of the believers were living according to the truth. However, he also shared his concern about those who had left the church. He encouraged the elders to not only welcome back those who repented but also to be careful not to receive anyone who denied Christ's coming in the flesh.

John then shared a personal experience of meeting some traveling teachers who claimed to be from him, but they did not teach what he had taught. He warned the elders to be on guard against such deceivers and to remember that every spirit that confesses Jesus as the Christ has come from God.

Finally, John closed his letter with a blessing of peace for those who walked according to His commandments. He also reminded them that whoever transgressed and did not remain in the teaching of Christ did not have God. But whoever remained in the teaching had both the Father and the Son. And so, John's love and wisdom continued to guide the churches in their journey of faith.

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